Ever considered a Robot Mower?

We stock a range of robot mowers from STIGA and ALKO!

Lawn care made easy

Thanks to the regular cuts, your lawn will stay in optimum condition thanks to the quiet, gentle and intelligent robots who work while your spending your free time with family and friends. Natural fertilisation is ensured by the double blade technology, which finely cuts the grass cuttings within the mower housing and returns them to the lawn. This also means that no grass cuttings need to be disposed of.

STIGA AGS Technology Explained!

STIGA are now offering autonomous robot mowers. The AGS technology aloows your robot to plan mowing sessions according to satellite signal availability, to mow with precision and accuracy.

Knowing the satellites’ positioning in advance, our autonomous robot mower plans ahead each mowing session in each area.

All zones in your lawn are mown regularly and accurately, leaving no zone uncut and avoiding over-mowing by passing several times in the same area. The result is an even, beautiful lawn.

AL-KO Robot Mowers

The AL-KO WLAN-compatible Robolinho models can be conveniently monitored, operated, configured and linked to other services and devices via the AL-KO inTOUCH app, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Thanks to the compact design of the mower and its intelligent control system, the Robolinho can also navigate through passages as narrow as 60cm. The robot can detect obstacles, avoid them automatically and it will even return to the base station in time for recharging.

We also repair and service these other brands of machine. For more information please call us on 01473 327737!