Stiga Multiclip 47 Blue

Features Specification

The Stiga Multiclip 47 Blue is a quality hand propelled mulching lawnmower that features a robust steel chassis and is powered by a Stiga RS100 OHV engine. This machines includes the effective mulching system so the Stiga Multiclip cuts the grass and then recuts it into smaller pieces that simply wilt away while returning all the goodness and nutrients back into the soil meaning better lawn growth. This machine has a 45cm cutting deck and offer the choice of 5 different cutting heights ranging from 31mm-80mm which is easily operated by 4 levers.

The Multiclip 47 is perfect for large sized gardens up to 50mx50m.


Brand Stiga
Type RS 100 OHV
Capacity 100cc
Power Output 1.5kw @ 2800rpm


Drive Hand Propelled
Transmission N/A
Electric Start No
Collapsible Handles Yes


Cutting Width 45cm/18″
Cutting Heights 31-80mm
Height Adjustments 5 Positions 4 Levers
Collecting No
Mulching Yes
Capacity N/A


Chassis Steel
Washing Link No
dB (A) Rating 93
Weight 22kg
Warranty 5 Years

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