Why choose ASPEN fuel?

Our team at TGC without a shadow of a doubt will always recommend using Aspen fuel in your lawnmowers. The best thing is there is no mixing involved just pour and go!

If you are the type of person who forgets every year to empty your old fuel from your machine and you end up bringing your mower to someone like us for repair due to the damages caused by stale fuel then Aspen could be the answer to all your expensive repair bills. Aspen lasts for years without deterioration and even better it protects your health and the environment so an all round good option for machine and user. Less maintenance and longer life for your machine.

Aspen does not contact ethanol and is virtually odourless. It is available from us in convenient 1 litre bottles or 5 litre containers.

So switch to ASPEN fuel to make your gardening easier, more enjoyable and less expensive!