Preparing for August (Garden To Do’s)

Well July was a little disappointing in terms of weather. Yes we did need some rain but the sun has been dearly missed so hears hoping for a slightly brighter August!

Our lawns have definitely benefitted from the showers we have been getting as of late so be sure to keep in mind that during dry, hot sunny spells our lawns will need watering to help keep them looking lush and green. Remember lawns prefer a deep watering less frequently as they are able to hold a moisture and this will also encourage deep root growth.

Keeping lawns cut at a good level always makes for a good looking garden and also means children and pets can run around to their heart content without getting tangled in a long lawn, we would recommend a good height for most lawns is between 20mm-25mm but everyone has a personal preference. Don’t forget to keep those lawn edges trimmed too as this will give your lawn a very smart finished look, here at TGC we have a wide range of edging tools to help you complete this look, we have gathered together a couple of our own recommendations below or why not pop in for some friendly, helpful advise and to have a feel for the machines in person.

August is the perfect time to aerate your lawn this will help to improve water absorption and air circulation. You can simply use a garden fork to create some holes in the soil to allow nutrients and water to penetrate the soil even deeper than before.

If you have any bare patches or weak grass areas now is the perfect time to overseed to help fill in any gaps and rejuvenate your lawn, August is normally a peak time for growing.

Care for your machine is something to always keep in mind and with weather constantly changing and more cuts likely to be happening be sure to keep an eye on those blades to ensure they are sharp and everything is well lubricated on your mower. If you have any concerns or question be sure to call our friendly team for some advice or pop in and see us we are always happy to help if you get stuck.

Other things to consider is a monthly scarify and verticutting your lawn these will help keep on top of thatch and lateral growth, but be sure to undertake these tasks when your lawn has enough moisture so it is not put under any stress and can recover from these procedures.