Lawn Care Guidance from TGC

TGC Garden Machinery like to offer the best service we can and we understand that it is not always about the machines themselves that you need some help and advice on, sometimes it is actually the garden you would like some advice on so above this text you will see some season buttons available for you to click on. Under each season we have devised some information that will help you to care and maintain your lawn.


This is one of the most important seasons for looking after your lawn and getting it ready for those summer BBQ’s. It needs all the attention you can give it especially after a harsh, cold winter the more time you give it now the better the results for the year. As soon as the days start lengthening you can be sure to see your grass starting to grow again.

When it comes to mowing the grass you will need to start to do so as soon as you notice it starting to grow. You do not want to be taking any more than one quarter of the length off it so be sure to set the mowing height quite high. You will be best to mow it little and often during the spring time. As the season moves along the grass will start growing quicker so you will find yourself mowing more frequently. Be sure to gradually reduce the height of the cut to achieve your desired finish.

You will probably find yourself needing to repair worn patches of the lawn that have been attacked during the winter season. Simply over seedthe affected area and ensure it is watered regularly.

Giving the lawn a spring food will give the lawn any essential nutrients it needs during spring. Make sure you do this in the very early spring period and then again about 6 weeks later.


Temperatures are obviously beginning to rise during this season and as a result of this you could in fact find that the rate your lawn grows could
slow down. Simply mow the lawn as and when you feel it necessary try to avoid ever taking more than one third off the length.

Remember that this is the time drought is likely to occur so to take care of your lawn properly and avoid brown/straw coloured grass is to water it. If your lawn is affected by drought then mow as little as possible. One point to remember is that well maintained lawns will inevitably recover when it rains, if you are consistant with your lawn care throughout the rest of the year then you have built a good foundation for the summer period.

If you notice any patches of grass that are growing slower to the rest or if it is yellowing then check for any lawn pests such as Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets as these will cause significant damage to the lawn. They can be controlled with a suitable nomatode based product.

It is very important not to forget to sit back, relax and enjoy your lawn. It is a very rewarding past time maintaining and caring for your lawn that you need to make sure you and the family get the most from the results and enjoy one of the softest natuaral surfaces.


This season will be the last few months of the ‘growing season’ so make the most of them! Get your lawn prepared for the winter to give it the best chance possible of coming through strong afterwards. The days will be getting shorter and combined with temperatures falling the grass growth will be slowing down, you will find yourself not needing to mow it as frequently.

Dependant on how much wear and tear has occured you may want to overseed the lawn in the early part of the autumn season. Also applying an autumn lawn feed will help to give the lawn some essential nutrients to help it stay strong throughout winter.

With leaves falling you will need to ensure that you rake over the lawn regularly to keep them at bay.

Moss could also become a problem to you may want to purchase a moss killing product to remove the moss. After you have killed off the moss and removed it you may find that the moss has left the lawn underneath thin so an overseed may be needed to strengthen it.


This is a time for both you and your lawn to have a rest! If possible it is best to keep off it when it turns wet and frosty as the lawn is not growing at this time so will be unable to repair itself until the spring time.

Mowing the lawn will be weather dependant and may not be necessary. Do not mow the lawn if heavy frosts are predicted or if the ground is wet, like at any time of the year. You can keep busy with your lawn by keeping it clear from leaves and debris.

Now is the best time to get your lawn mower serviced ready for the growing seasons so contact us today to book your machine in!


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